What our clients are saying...


Marina & Kyle

Guy and Amy were AMAZING! They were extremely professiona as well as personable and helpful(Amy even helped me button up my gown! She made me feel like she was excited to be a part of my day, and not just someone who was observing). They made us feel so comfortable on our wedding day and captured every single moment from morning until the end of the night- there was not a single shot we wanted missing from our photos! They took more than just "glamor shots", but all of the little moments of the day that I was too busy to notice! The Keechs' took the time to really get to know my husband and I first and that really comes through in their photos. They talked everything through with us before the wedding and even took the time to give us a rough schedule of the day. This helped our planning so much! I would highly recommend them for any special day and my husband and I can't wait to work with them again in the future!


Kadeine & Josh

My fiancé and I met Amy and Guy at a bridal show in Syracuse about 7 months from our wedding date. At the time, we had already chosen a photographer and weren't necessarily looking for anyone else. Little did we know that fate would intervene in the form of the Keeches! We were very impressed with their photography style (Amy takes really breathtaking close-ups and Guy is a marvel at the big-picture shots) and they genuinely seemed like amazing people. Chemistry with our photographers was important to us because we knew friends who had an awful experience with the company they hired. Amy and Guy made us feel so at home and comfortable on our wedding day even though it was pretty much 100 degrees! They made the entire picture taking process go very smoothly and allowed us to be free and have fun (but we got some amazing posed shots with the family as well). We would HIGHLY recommend them to any and everyone!


Meaghan & Mike

Keech Photography was so awesome to work with!!! They are so down to earth and easy to get along with. Everyone at our wedding kept commenting on how crazy they were lying on the ground to get the perfect picture! Our pictures turned out amazing! We not live in New Jersey and all my friends keep joking that they need to get married in Oswego and have Amy and Guy take their pictures!!!! I am obsessed with all of our pictures!!! Can't wait to get our photo album!!! Keech Photography is highly recommended!!!


Lauren & Matt

Keech Photography is AMAZING! The wife/husband duo works great because they work so well together and understand each other with no miscommunication. They stayed so calm, cool, and collected during what could've been a very stressful photo session at our wedding, making sure that we got every combination of family members that we asked for. Their photos are AMAZING! Truly high-quality. They were never pushy, they never were a distraction from our big day, they were just there in the background capturing some amazing moments for us on our day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Heather & Mike

We couldn't have been happier with the way our wedding (and engagement) pictures turned out. They did such a wonderful day of capturing our wedding day from start to finish. They were helpful, professional and entirely unobtrusive. They got so many pictures we didn't even know they took. Even awful weather and a broken arm didn't affect our pictures. My husband and I cannot recommend you guys highly enough. We absolutely love our photos.


Kate & Joe

Words can't begin to describe how thankful we are for you both. You did such an amazing job and really helped ease so much stress. You made our day run flawlessly. We could not be happier with our photos. You are the best at what you do, and such a great team. We talk you up to everyone we meet 🙂 Thank you doesn't begin to describe how grateful we are! Love - Kate + Joe


Jenna & David

Amy and Guy are the nicest people. Amy took our engagement photos. At first, I was super nervous and shy. Amy made me feel very comfortable and by the end of the session I was walking around as If I was in a photo shoot. She made that whole experience very memorable and comfortable. On the day of my wedding. Both Amy and Guy were there. It is wonderful to have two photographers. They both have different creative ideas which mesh very well together. They made everyone laugh and my entire bridal party very happy and comfortable. They made the picture taking process very simple for everyone involved. Both of them were organized, but not pushy at all. I could not have asked for two better to work with on my wedding day. I will definitely be using them again for future projects (family photos).


Erin & Jeff

We were so excited to work with Keech Photography on our wedding day. I had seen some of the amazing work they did prior to the wedding and I knew they would be perfect for us! The quality of photos were incredible and the Keech's set up beautiful creative and artistic shots that we would not have thought of on our own. They were very flexible and willing to do anything we desired and were prepared for all circumstances. We were given disks with rights to ALL of our photographs and a beautiful photobook that was meticulously put together and will last a lifetime. We feel lucky that we were able to work with Keech Photography on our wedding day.


Shannon & TJ

Before our wedding day, Amy and Guy made it a point to talk with us and go over our schedule for the wedding day which made me feel more comfortable as our big day was approaching. Another great thing about Keech Photography is that they use TWO photographers which was helpful because my bridesmaids & I were getting ready at my mother's house & my husband & his groomsmen were getting ready at our house. So there was a photographer at each location taking before pictures. They were on top of things throughout our whole wedding (telling us what we had to do for our cake cutting, garter toss, & bouquet throw). We also were able to utilize their services for 8 hours of our wedding day, where a lot of photographer's package prices only include 5 hours. They also uploaded sneak peeks from our wedding day for us to see on Facebook. We highly recommend Amy & Guy Keech!Amy and Guy were not only amazing at capturing all of the perfect moments of our wedding day, but they were so kind, patient, helpful, and just all around awesome!! We would highly recommend them!


Nadine & Sam

A year later, and we still can't get over how great our wedding day turned out. A large part of it was due to our great photographer's that made everything go smoothly. We can't go without mentioning that Amy & Guy from Keech Photography were awesome from day one. They had everything we were looking for, they were quick to respond, readily available, worked with our budget, and included an engagement shoot by our venue, so we really had a chance to get to know them. It was great having two photographers, since they could be at two places at once (for getting ready before the wedding), and they also backed each other up. There was a funny moment when a memory card (or perhaps it was a battery) finished, and Guy had a spare waiting in his hand without missing a beat. They complemented each other so well, and were fun and down to earth. Amy brought order amidst the chaos of the day, she met with us beforehand for a full run-through (her organization skills were impressive) and kept us on schedule. I'm pretty sure Guy also helped cue us when to walk in for the outdoor ceremony. They couldn't have done a better job, and we're very grateful. Best of luck always!


Stacy & Matt

A huuuuge thank you to Guy and Amy for our amazing wedding pictures! We could not be happier with them!! You both captured our day perfectly. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Keech photography is amazing! Guy and Amy are some of the nicest, caring, patient people I have ever met. I am so happy with how they handled things on the day of our wedding. We had a large bridal party so it was difficult to keep them focused, but they somehow handled it perfectly. I did not feel pressured, but they got all the pictures done that we wanted. We had our wedding in January so it was pretty cold and snowy out! But you wouldn't even know because they just kept working and Guy even got in the snow for us a few times to throw some up for pictures 🙂 Highly recommend them for all future brides!!! You will not regret it!


Alison & Kevin

Simply the best! The pictures came out amazing. They were fun and their talent is unmatched. They are patient, creative and captured our love and special memories magically. They are so easy to work with and Amy stepped in to help me (Alison) with some technical difficulties I was having that the girls couldn't help with. She was such a blessing to have with us. And Guy was just one of the guys!! The fellas had a blast with him... especially my 4 year old son. I just can't say enough about them. ♡♡♡♡♡


Charlotte & Cory

This dynamic duo does an amazing job! They helped us with everything from deciding on a spot to take beautiful pictures, to making sure the timeline ran smoothly. (Amy even tied my Bussel!) Not to mention the pictures are STUNNING. Thank you guys!!!


Rebecca & Ryan

We would recommend Amy and Guy to anyone looking for beautiful wedding photos! Both my sister and I have had them do our wedding photos and they are amazing!! A huuuge thank you to Guy, Amy, and their assistant who worked with us on our wedding day! You guys rock!


Kelly & Tony

We are so happy with our wedding photos and the way our engagement photos came out. They are both amazing, talented, photographers who go above and beyond to make your day even more special. They even found rainbows for us on our wedding day! Gorgeous photos!


Jaimye & Nick

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We love the pictures. It took us a couple evenings to get through them but they are amazing. You guys did amazing!


Jessica & Robert

Thank you so much once again for being our fabulous photographers. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You two are absolutely phenomenal as well! We are so happy. Thank you for capturing our wonderful memories!


Kristina & Michael

Amy and Guy were not only amazing at capturing all of the perfect moments of our wedding day, but they were so kind, patient, helpful, and just all around awesome!! We would highly recommend them!


Amanda & Jonathan

Thank you so much for photographing our wedding! We enjoyed working with you every step of the way, and we were blown away when we saw all of the beautiful photos that you took. We really can't thank you enough for capturing every moment so beautifully!


Chrystal & Andrew

They do beautiful work and are a joy to work with. Highly Recommended. Our family looks forward to working with them again on projects to come.


Liz & Andy

Amy and Guy were personable and very knowledgeable. They helped to make our day go very smoothly and are a couple who help the idea of getting married less daunting for those who may have concerns. They truly get along and love each other and it shows through in their work. Cannot be more pleased with them and will recommend them to anyone possible!!


Erin & Dave

We had a wonderful experience working with Amy and Guy for our wedding. I could not be happier with my photos, they were completely professional, creative, and accommodating. They captured our day perfectly, would recommend in a heartbeat.


Courtney & Jason

Amy and Guy were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were very available to us leading up to the wedding and flexible to whatever we wanted. The day of they were unobtrusive and helped us in any way they could to make sure the day went perfect. . We loved the way our pictures turned out and would recommend them to anyone!


Amanda & Mike

Not only was Guy and Amy there for helping me with a wardrobe malfunction, but they also captured beautiful pictures for us. We got so many complements from friends and family on how wonderful they were 🙂


Melissa & Joe

Thank you so much for the photos! We love them! You both did a wonderful job capturing our day!


Jillian & Jordan

Amy and Guy were wonderful to work with and are extremely talented! We are thrilled with our pictures so far and can't wait to see them all!


Stacy & Mark

Amy and Guy Keech were amazing to work with. They were fun, creative, and so professional. The pictures we got from them were stunning!


Jacqueline & Scott

Guy and Amy are absolutely fantastic! They did our engagement session and wedding photos, and we couldn't be happier. They captured our special day perfectly! Those photos will be treasured for years to come.


Casey & Mike

Great photographers! I loved working with Amy and Guy. They are very professional and timely. They were present throughout my entire wedding day, but were never in the way. Would highly recommend them.


Jaimee & Chris

Couldn't have been any happier with these two! They went above and beyond!


Carolyn & Philippe

Amy and Guy are fantastic to work with! They are both so friendly and easy to be around, and our photos turned out great. We loved all of the little sneak previews we got in the days following our wedding and the full album is perfect for sharing with friends and family. I think they are an incredible value and would recommend them to anyone!


Kassie & Mike

So fun and easy to work with! They made pictures quick, easy and we had a blast. The photos are gorgeous. I would highly recommend Amy and Guy to anyone looking to capture the magic on their big day!


Megan & Cody

Guy and Amy are absolutely amazing with what they do! I am so in love with how our wedding pictures and even engagement pictures turned out! I cannot be more thankful! They are so much fun and awesome to work with, I recommend their work to everyone! Thank you again so much!

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